7 % Per Annum + Bonus* 


Bondholders funds are invested into rare high value timepieces worth hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars and more normal luxury watches worth five figures.

Examples would be rare Rolex Daytona's and Patek Philippe's complications. We've seen quality watches with provenance increase in value significantly in recent years due to a number of factors. Growing demand: 70% of the world's wealthy individuals polled for Barclays' 2014 Wealth Insights Report own precious jewellery, up from 57% in 2007, making it the most popular of any treasure asset. This increased demand is prompting values to grow.
Both jewellery and fine watches are considered as status symbols in emerging economies, particularly the BRIC countries, who are fast become the world's most avid collectors. Investing in these areas provides the perfect opportunity to capitalise on this new wealth.

We use our worldwide contacts to source watches privately or through auction. Often our knowledge and connections allow us to acquire watches at significant discount to perceived market values, in some instances we will sell immediately and take profit, and other items we will store and hold.

The nature and rarity of these larger transactions affords us the time and resources to source and sell more common watches with a quicker turnaround time, this could be looked at as our bread and butter. We know from experience we can  return 20% PA which allows us to comfortably pay bondholders their 7%.

Gordon Hunter M.D.


 ​How it works

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Marc Remy Consultant.

Marc has over 25 years professional experience working with some of the most prestigious watches in the world. Much of his experience comes from working directly at Rolex Service centers for over 15 years.

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Luxury Of Time Watch Bonds offer investors a rewarding way to benefit from the increased demand for top quality investment-grade watches.
We source only the very best timepieces from collectors and contacts worldwide.
Our watches are then stored in either Geneva Freeport in Europe or Singapore Freeport in Asia depending on where purchased.
These facilities are extremely secure and afford significant advantages in regard to the payment of taxes.
We offer sophisticated investors the opportunity to acquire our 7 year fixed coupon bond paying 7% per annum.
This product is known as the Luxury of Time 7 year. 

 How does my investment work?

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* Bonus from year 4

"A Rewarding Private Investment"

The world’s rich are increasingly investing in luxury assets, and “freeports” such as Geneva's are becoming their repositories of choice. Their attractions are similar to those offered by offshore financial centers: security and confidentiality, and an array of tax advantages. This special treatment is possible because goods in freeports are technically in transit, even if in reality the ports are used more and more as permanent homes for accumulated wealth.

​The concept is an old one. Originally freeports (also known as bonded areas) were used to house commodities on the move, and later manufactured goods as well. In the past 20 years more and more of them have moved upmarket, a trend that has accelerated recently as investment in art and other valuables has shot up.

Freeports are something of a fiscal no-man’s-land. The “free” refers to the suspension of customs duties and taxes. This benefit may have been originally intended as temporary, while goods were in transit, but for much of the stored wealth it is, in effect, permanent, as there is no time limit: a watch can be flown in from another country and stored for years without attracting a levy. Better still, sales of goods in freeports generally incur no value-added or capital-gains taxes. These are (technically) payable in the destination country when an item leaves this parallel fiscal universe, but by then it may have changed hands several times.
The Luxury Of Time have safes in high security rooms in both Geneva and Singapore.
All watches are fully insured for storage at these locations.

Classic Watches UP   86%*
Since 2005

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Disclaimer: This website is for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for investment in the company described herein, nor does it constitute an offer for sale of shares issued by the company or of those issued by any such bond or company. This opportunity offered to investors by The Luxury Of Time Ltd. will be speculative in nature and involve a high degree of risk. They are suitable only for investors who can afford to lose the entire amount of their investment. There is no guarantee that actual performance will resemble past performance. Simulations and projected performance may not necessarily be a guide to future results. The information here cannot disclose all the risks and other factors necessary for evaluation of any potential investment. Any decision to invest should take into account the entirety of the additional documentation to be supplied to potential investors by The Luxury Of Time Ltd. and the individual's financial goals and risk tolerance. This investment should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment. 

​"As a research analyst, being analytical, diligent and open-minded are some of the things that are important in order to be able to generate an investment idea," Gordon has over 20 years experience in the broader financial sector in particular in Private Equity opportunities.

​He is also of course passionate about horology.

The Luxury of time 7 year bond has been structured to produce 7% income per annum over the 7 year term and full capital repayment at maturity. Income  is created from profits realized from the sale of watches. Income payments will start after three months and then will be paid quarterly thereafter for the next 7 years. Investors can choose to receive their income either quarterly or annually at the rate of 1.75% or 7% respectively.                                                         


The Luxury of time bond aims to provide return of the capital in full at maturity. However, please note that the return of capital is not guaranteed, it is possible for you to get back less than your original investment at the end of the term or if you cash in your investment early.

Floating Coupon (Bonus). 

In addition to the fixed income coupon of 7% we will be paying an annual bonus at the end of years 4, 5, 6 and 7 .This will be calculated on a pro-rata basis where 20% of our annual profit after bondholders have been paid will be divided amongst investors.

Minimum Investment.  25000 Euros. Total Offering. 5 Million Euros

Circuiel Didier  Head of Trading.

Circuiel has a wealth of experience in the fine watch sector. With a keen eye on trends and pricing, coupled with an enviable client list from traditional and newer markets, you investment is in very safe hands.